World Cup Latex Dress: Publication in Newspaper ‘BILD’

World Cup Latex Dress: Publication in Newspaper ‘BILD’

I think many of you noticed I’ve been created something special for this year’s Soccer World Cup in Brazil.  I am a German Girl through and through, and had the wish to cheer the German National Team with some exquisite, exclusive, extraordinary and in many other ways extra latex related pictures, yes they are extra-sexy as well. So I got out of my wardrobe my  sporty sexy latex soccer dress and did a latex photoshooting with this special dress again. I’m happy and flattered these latex pictures had been now found their way in the print as well as online edition of the German newspaper ‘BILD’. The online article can be read on the website of BILD newspaper, well and the print version of the article you already see here. ;-)

Latex World Cup in Newspaper

Latex World Cup in Newspaper

For all of you interested in more latex pictures from the World Cup Special I invite you to take a look into Susan Wayland Store where the Latex World Cup Special is exclusively available as a download product. Enjoy! :-)

sweet kisses

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  1. stephen carlin
    Jul 8, 2014

    Good luck to Germany! Will you do a special if they win?

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