Wonderful new fan arts!

Wonderful new fan arts!

I’m always happy when I receive amazing artworks from you. So I am now delighted to share with you another two fantastic fan arts, I got. The first one is from my cosplay latex gallery ‘Elektra’ and the second one from the classical unique photoshoot ‘Latex Poker’. Both are so pretty in their own way and they made my day. :-)

Airbrush Artwork: Queen of Hearts

Airbrush Fan Art: Queen of Hearts

Like usual, you find these fan arts plus many others as well on my website. Additionally to the artwork ‘Queen of Hearts’ you can enjoy an interesting video on YouTube as well. So if you searching for some nice entertainment with the extra amount of talent and creativity than I guess you will enjoy the video.

And if you have a fan art of my model work somewhere lying on your desk as well, then I would be pleased to to add it to the art column on my website as well! With pleasure you can drop me line under contact. But even if you may want to start your own creative project and would like to use my photos as inspiration you can also write me.

*sweet kisses*

Artwork: Urban Latex Elektra

Fan Art: Urban Latex Elektra

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