Susan Wayland – Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour – The Book

Susan Wayland – Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour – The Book

In recent times we had continuous inquiries to publish our photographic art in a book. Despite our interest and willingness to put out our opus in hardcopy, we had no knowledge and experience that is required for such a task. Nevertheless, we decided to put all our talent resources, effort and professionalism behind this project, like we always do, and simply gain what is required to publish a high quality work that will adequately represent our ideas and creations, which we have learned to treasure so much.

Now we can proudly announce that the dream of publishing that unique and exclusive pictorial has been accomplished. Our own work, the product of our efforts, is finally seeing the light of the day. The HorgenBooks Publishing House contacted us a while ago with the idea to expand our strictly internet based venture into the realms of book publishing. The assigned publishing team has seen our work and all were very enthusiastic, immediately waking our spirits towards the idea. As a subsidiary, the HorgenBooks Publishing House has accumulated serious experience in the book publishing industry, spanning over decades of successful business making. By pushing us to our limits and with plenty of encouragement and ideas, the team and we came up with a result that is something that needs to be seen. Many sleepless nights and prolonged working days were necessary to select and combine all the available material into a homogenous whole. If you ask us, it became sheer perfection, up until the smallest detail, but do not mind us, we are biased.


Model Susan Wayland presents her new bookAllow us to present to you the hardcover book featuring Susan Wayland:

The cover is lacquered by an elaborate process, instantly underlining the leitmotif of glamour and latex. Considerable 192 pages carry 230 high quality latex related photographies in highest printing quality. The reader can enjoy and experience fashion, uniforms, catsuits, corsets, bodies and garments, all around our primary material of interest – latex. This book will ensnare the senses of the beholder, charming the mind through tasteful latex clad eroticism.

There is also a special treat: The book will be premiered at the illustrious international Leipzig book fair, which takes place 17.-20. March 2011 in Leipzig/Germany. In the art category there will be a booth that will feature yours truly Susan Wayland in person, presenting and promoting the book “Susan Wayland – Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour”. Make sure you pay us a visit.

Norman and Sway


Pre-order and save 10%!
Early birds who pre-order the book “Susan Wayland – Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour” until 14th March on will receive a special discount, 10% off list price.

Susan Wayland | Erotic Latex Fetish Glamour
Photography: Norman Richter
Text: Dr. Paul Sernine, Susan Wayland, Norman Richter
Book size: 20 x 27 cm
192 pages
ca. 231 pictures
ISBN: 978-3-942431-03-3
€ 39,90- (D)
Publishing date: March 2011

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    Mar 13, 2011

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