Summertime – sexy latex video on YouTube

Summertime – sexy latex video on YouTube

What does we do if there are people who share your own content like photos and videos as theirs over and over again? People who acting quite cheeky, without asking before and put your content everywhere in the social networks and not even in excerpts I mean the full work  and do not mention from whom the original work is? Quite simply: You simply turn the spit around! Or you try it at least *smiles*

In this case it was in such a way that the original video from the gallery ‘Sexy Green Minidress’ could seen free on endlessly many platforms again and again. Also  I had to find out that somebody spent my work as his really offensively and cheeky. Even on personal emails and the hint  she/he acts against the copyright were answered audaciously and disdainfully. Well … and exactly because of such intelligent dudes many people from the latex scene have to keep struggling over and over again with copyright forms, Facebook groups are closed because of copyright images and many many more.  I mean why? The law is clear here and it’s quite simple: Nothing you find on the internet, no matter if we are talking about images and videos and much more are for free use, it’s not a self-service shop. Actually, it’s easy to understand and logically to, don’t you think? *wondering* well,… at least if the will to the understanding exists. ;-)

So because the video with this sexy latex dress of Westward Bound walked around so nicely and popularly in the social network, just only not on my channel where it actually belongs, I thought that it was time to changed this. And et voilà! Since yesterday there is a nice new cutting from this great summery video from the Susan Wayland Club, finally, also on my YouTube channel. A lot of fun with it and see you soon! :-)

*sweet kisses *


  1. Brutus
    Aug 27, 2015

    yes, I can imagine the copyright issues are a big thing for you. But girl, hey… look at the bright side… you are kind of celebrity, people loving your work, you drive them so crazy they become criminals for you :-D … just kidding… thanks for sharing the nice latex video again. It’s indeed a cool one. You looked hot’n sexy as blonde babe and today you shine as a ravishing brunette!

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