Relaunch Susan Wayland Store – New Design & ProductLineup

Relaunch Susan Wayland Store – New Design & ProductLineup

Relaunch of Susan Wayland Store – Exclusive, extravagant & elegant!

The new Susan Wayland Store opens it doors and gives you a warm welcome in …  like we used to say so: Susan Wayland Store 2.0?Many ideas, handicrafts, passion and months has been flowes in my newest project. I’m so happy, relieved and also rather proud that the new Susan Wayland Store is able to come into the world finally. With a completely new design, new web structure, new product lineup and a new place the store presents oneself in the big world wide web!

A big thanks goes out to my hardworking team – you are so fantastic! Who thoughts more than a half year ago such a big project is realizable almost single-handedly – least of all me! Therefore I salute the work and support of my team and thank you sincerely!

And you? Aren’t you curious about the new  Susan Wayland Store and all the new things it keep for sale for you? So don’t hesitate and take a  look on Susan Wayland Store 2.0!

Susan Wayland Store

Susan Wayland Store

I hope you enjoy the relaunch, have a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to a pretty nice time with you!

A lipstick kiss & sweet smile


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  1. Edward
    Oct 12, 2013

    You had a DVD for sale many months ago, I this no longer avalible

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