Culinary Adventure Smoothies

Culinary Adventure Smoothies

I absolutely sure many of you have already heard about smoothies, don’t you? In magazines, books, advisers and similar ones it is written totally a lot about it. So no wonder this „ mystery“ passed my way too.

green smoothie

delicious green smoothie :-)

Since years I love shakes in many different variations, it is after the sport or just as a quick healthy snack. I like that they can be prepared so easily, are tasty and refreshing. And it was approximately 2 years ago as I had heard the first time about the smoothies, especially the green smoothies. Highly concentrated vital and nutrient bombs in her most natural form. In the beginning still a little skeptically I tried some recipes I had found online, and was surprised how tasty those smoothies really are. Quite differently than all classical shakes which I knew till then.

  • Instant-Smoothies

Unfortunately, did the preparation develop in the beginning a little difficult because I had at that time no more a good blender and had to shred everything with an immersion blender. Then I found in the instant smoothies a great solution, finely ground fruits and vegetables in raw vegetarian food quality, if it is of Lebepur or other supplier from the health food store or in different organic stores. I find the concept of this mixture without any additives really brilliant. Once it is for all those a good solution which don’t own a blender, perfect for traveling, not seasonal effected and sometimes honestly… e.g., a hibiscus-smoothie, please, how you can produce this one easily on your own? Often it’s only need to add the dry fruit / vegetables, some water and a banana and that’s it. Now you can enjoy a tasty smoothie while using immersion blender.

  •  Fresh Smoothies

Now, finally, since a few weeks I am the proud owner of such a brilliant super-smoothie-blender and so happy about it. In seconds it chops up almost pulverized everything. What an awesome monster of blender! Of course I had already anticipated that these special blenders must be great after reading various reviews and product descriptions but I haven’t expected that they have indeed such an incredible power. Carrots, avocado, apples, celery, spinach, almonds and and and… easily the new culinary toy chops up in an unbelievable speed any fruit and vegetable. That’s insanity!

apple, spinach, avocado ...

apple, spinach, avocado …

Since that time the vegetables drawer overflows in our fridge, because I shop nearly even in the fruit/veggie corner. Since I am like mad in testing new recipes… and the worst thing of all, the more I try out with this blender, the more recipe ideas come to me. Dilemma! ;-)

For instance, the blender has also turned out into a specialist for home-made guacamole and banana-pancakes. Both dishes were always a little awkwardly in the preparation. e.g., the avocado did not become really small or the banana pieces slipped away through the whole kitchen while mashing them. But now: I just have to put the ingredients in the miracle machine, press the button and the kitchen fun starts!

Sway's paradise of fruits and veggies :-)

Sway’s paradise of fruits and veggies :-)

If you are also such a culinary freak like me, I can highly recommend these super-blenders. Meanwhile there are different types in different price classes available on the market, just look for an exemplar which fits to your demands.

My one is from Omni-Blend and I am totally happy with it. The machine mixes tasty smoothies which are healthy, practically and tasty. And if it goes on traveling or should the drink in your glass be a bit more exotic, then are the instant-smoothies a great solution.

Yes, and I can not complain myself about a vital and nutrient boost because this makes my humble self a great radiation when I am on the move for photos for the Susan Wayland Club. :-)

*sweet kisses*

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