Sexy RedBubble Tank Top

Sexy RedBubble Tank Top

Some weeks ago 3xL told me he has opened now an own shop on RedBubble, some of you know might known the friendly latex guy from Copenhagen from his popular latex blog LustLoveLatex. And curiously as I am, I had to look of course immediately what he offers then there for great cloths. And this is a huge amount of shirts, t-shirts with unusual motives, slogans and and various different prints.

Well and how it goes with us women and our shopping vein quickly a new shirt for the girl landed in the basket. I found „ Latex Hood“ print from the beginnig pretty nice, the eyes hypnotize formally and beside that I think the print suits perfectly for me and also my passion for latex. :-)

Tank Top for Summer

Tank Top for Summer

Beside all different options between man/woman can choose no matter if it is the cut of the T-shirt or the print, I finally decided to order a bright red colored tank top! What was I curious whether it will also looks in reality so terrific. And yes, it does! This red tone is super nice and everything sits where it should sit. Very fancy! Well, I must say I have an extreme faible, or let me called it a very distinctive sense for various smells, you know everybody has its own kink, there are the touchy people, other respond extremely to images/optics and I belong just to the team of „ good nose“ :-D — so, I found in the beginning the extreme textile smell a little annoying. However, after itself the tank top had aired, this had also vanished and I could looking forward to go out with my new summer piece.

sexy red top

sexy red top

And on it went in a sunny afternoon, walking through the city, enjoying a beaming sunny afternoon with the man of my heart, while wearing my new top and and enjoyed yummy ice cream! The red tank top together with my favorite pants of Freddy and my long-time-favourite-summer-shoes of Mustang (I own them now for 4 years and since then no more summer without this pair – wedge heel = really perfect for walking and above all without bothersome shoes straps from which woman gets in summer blisters and/or the skin is constantly chafed). And then my new hair color to the already nice combination. Oh yes, the sun has shone and Sway also :-)

Dear sweethearts if you have desire for unusual, amusing kinky T-shirts, I can recommend to take a look on RedBubble shop from 3xL. In any case, I will miss my new summer tank top for the summer no more!

*sweet kisses*


  1. Luka
    Jul 17, 2015

    Sway, I like to read your personal post. It’s nice you us a glimpse into your private life from time to time. Hard to believe you are real but after this post I still have hope there are so gorgeous women like you out there.

    • Susan Wayland
      Jul 29, 2015

      you are welcome :-) of course I’m real and there are tons of gorgeous woman in our world!

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