My ‘Latex Couture Calendar 2016′ goes viral!

My ‘Latex Couture Calendar 2016′ goes viral!

I am pleased gigantically about the fact that you enjoy my ‘Latex Couture Calendar 2016′ so much. I receive so many many photos of you by e-mail or about the social networks – this is crazy – and you show me with your support where the calendar is nailed up finally. No matter whether in New Zealand, France, Germany, England – everywhere in the whole world my calendars decorate your rooms and this makes me totally proud. THANKS! :-)

Article in daily newspaper BILD

Article in daily newspaper BILD

And in addition to all personal messages I am also super happy that the German daily newspaper ‘BILD’ had published an article on my calendar already some weeks ago. This is so cool! And, if that’s not enough there is now a two-page report in the newest issue of the magazine ‘Dark Spy’ about my colorful annual highlight. Therein you can read some Q&A about the piece of gem, my model work and the topic latex fetish.  Just take a look in the magazine if you want to. :-)

Q&A in the magazine 'Dark Spy'

Q&A in the magazine ‘Dark Spy’

And for those you who hasn’t found the suitable wall decoration for 2016 up to now: you can order my A3′ Latex Couture Calendars 2016 ‘ in Susan Wayland Store.

*sweet kisses *


  1. Charles
    Dec 14, 2015

    Congratulations Sway! You deserve it! The calendar is wonderful, the quality, the photos and colors. Oh …and the gummy bears were yummy :-D

  2. Robert
    Jan 26, 2016

    awesome news! congrats! your calendar is utterly fantastic!

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