M’era Luna 2016

M’era Luna 2016

I know it’s already some weeks ago that I had visit the M’era Luna music festival in Hildesheim so this article isn’t soooo brand new but I still I wanted to share with you some photos of the event anyhow. Some of you who follow me on my social canals will recognize the one or other image (at this point thanks to S&M Photography for all the artist, musician and people photographs :-) and to my iPhone as well *LOL ) and for all those who don’t know what’s M’era Luna is about I wish those a lot of fun reading! :-)

M'eraLuna2016Often enough I had heard from the M’era Luna festival before, however, up to now, unfortunately, I had never found the time to attend it. Only the great artist and band mixture on stage which are represented there every year make the decision, actually, easy. However, as so often, the life interfered up to now with my plans.  But not in 2016 and thus I was pleased gigantically to work with the team of M’era Luna in the spring and summer together. Already some weeks before the festival I looked so much forward to the event, I could do great contests with you on Facebook and Instagram and was one of the first who  could hold their new Alchemy jewellery collection from England in her hands. Yes, I can’t complain, the waiting time till August was indeed pretty cool. :-)  latexuniform

Looking back on the festival time I can only say: brilliantly, fantastically, anyway a visit worth and I’m already looking forward to the next year. The organization was amazing, they thought of every possible details and everything runs smooth and nice, I met a lot fantastic and multi-colored mixture of people, there were brilliant music, great mood everywhere and as icing on the cake: beaming sunshine.

Latex Photoshoot

I enjoyed the M’era Luna really A LOT! And for those of you who would like to have a little entertainment while enjoying a cup of coffee I invite you to take a look at the Aftermovie.

As said  before, I’m sorry this post hasn’t so much useful information for you but I still wanted to let you know who I have experienced this year’s M’era Luna festival. Maybe one of you guys has been also visited the festival?  If so, how you like it? Or is there another festival where you think that is worth a visit? …beside Tomorrowland of course … :-P

*sweet kisses *


  1. Hojae
    Sep 22, 2016

    It looks great! I am South Korean. I haven’t seen festival like that before in here(And I haven’t seen beautiful girl like you too!). Really Interesting! And your pictures on S&M Photography site are beautiful!

    • Susan Wayland
      Sep 23, 2016

      yes, the festival is one of a kind and it’s great you like the photos in the S&M Photography website :-) … coooooll!

  2. Neirobi
    Sep 22, 2016

    War auch da. Wenn ich mir das Bild in Uniform vor der Mainstage anschaue habe ich dich auch gesehen und dank des fehlenden Interesses an Latexuniformen nicht beachtet. Wenn ich welche hätte würd ich mir die Haare raufen. :D

    • Susan Wayland
      Sep 23, 2016

      Ja, die Latexuniformen… entweder mag man sie oder nicht *grins* Hoffe du hattest auch ne schöne Zeit auf dem M’era!!!

  3. KerlWieGummibaum
    Aug 30, 2017


    Verdammt, ich habe dich aus der Entfernung gesehen und dachte noch “Wow”, ein sehr heißes Mädel in einem Hammer Outfit (das Military-Kleid, neben der Hauptbühne, wars Stahlmann?). Aber erkannt habe ich dich nicht.

    Dieses Jahr habe ich selbst auch mal etwas Latex angehabt.

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