NEW! Memorabilia

NEW! Memorabilia

Currently my latex closet is bursting, literally! There a so many skirts, minidresses, corsets, trousers, catsuit, leggins, catsuit, tops, gowns… my latex wardrobe is a huge glossy colourful mixtures and treasure chest for every latex fashion bunny. And to start making more space for lovely new shiny cloths, I decided to ‘say goodbye’ to some of my precious pieces.

Latex Memorabilia of Susan Wayland

Latex Memorabilia

The pretty latex cloths are collector’s items and special utmost high quality ‘made to measure’ items. The wonderful costumes come in a pretty nice stable box, each with three high glossy cards in size A6 plus a personal dedication of your truly.

So if you want to hold a piece of my glossy world in your hands simply visit my Online Store! :-)

*sweet kisses*

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