Let’s get personal

Let’s get personal

My lovelies, here are some random facts about my humble self. Enjoy reading :-)

1. I love to sleep. Whenever I got the chance to sleep I do it and I can literally sleep everywhere. So it doesn’t matter if I am sitting in the train, car, plane even on loud places I have no problem with fall asleep.

2. I’m a passionate early bird and love to start active in every new day. Normally I wake up at 5.30am, after a little breakfast I catch my sneakers and do my workout.

3. My legs have a different length. The left one is 111cm and the right 115cm.

4. I love cats! Cats are so adorable animals, I love them because they radiate a sense of calm and their daily routines and habits. They giving me what I need for a life in balance. personal

5. Normally I’m super shy if I meet new people. But as soon as I feel comfortable with my new companion I can sing like a canary and show my real self.

6. Speaking about birds: I’m so rubbish at singing!

7. I’m very flexibel and agile, that’s one of the reasons why I have been knee issues since my teenager time. Since then my patella dislocated for five times. I was told by the doctors I should be operated for a better health but I hadn’t done any knee surgery thus far. Instead of operations I live an active life style since the age of 20 with various fitness training. Since that time my knee problems are nearly complete gone and I’m fitter and more active when I was a teenager.

8. I have a weakness for nail polish. There were times when I owned up to 30 different nail polishes… you never know what’s happening, right?

fitness9. I love things which are practically but also pretty and not complicated, I like useful and effective
toys for my household and I like it to save a dollar here and there. That’s why I barely own typically branded products for women like expensive handbags, shoes or jewellery.

10. Goofy is my favourite Walt Disney character. Everytime I see him on screen I enjoy his wonderful imperfection.

11. My eyes are relatively wide apart. When I was younger I didn’t like that at all but now I enjoying this flaw.

12. Self made rice pudding with sugar and cinnamon reminds me of my childhood.

13. I know you guys are discussing it from time to time: no, I will not dye my hair platinum blonde again in the near future.

14. My fingers are extremely thin and long. Thus far I haven’t found a pair of perfect fitting winter gloves.

15. I enjoy a cup of tasty green tea more than coffee. After drinking an espresso I feel like a squirrel with RedBull in its veins. Also I barely drink any alcohol – perhaps one glass at New Year’s Eve or on any other rare occasions.sport

16. My advanced level subjects in the academic high school were biology and math.

17. Sometimes I can be soooo messy and chaotic. So I always try to be tidy and well organized. But deep down I’m just a chaotic person with thousands thoughts at once in my head.

And I like to know you better too! So I would love to hear your feedback and some facts from you as well!  :-D

*sweet kisses*


  1. Max
    Jul 21, 2016

    Ok let’s reply to you somewhat more in depth for a change.

    1 I love to sleep as well, but I need a bed to sleep in. It’s not gonna happen in a train and I barely sleep in a plane. While driving long distances my girlfriend sleeps and I have to drive. We tried switching it up at first, but I’m just getting more tired while driving shotgun and never fall asleep. Maybe woman are just better at this.

    2 I like to go to work early, but only because I have to be there on time and don’t like to get stuck in a traffic jam. During the weekends you better let me sleep in the morning.

    3 I have never measured my legs, but I assume they are about the same length.

    4 I love cats as well, I have two of them. I also have a couple rabbits and chickens. In the future I hope to get a donkey, or a goat. But first I need to fence of some terrain and build a shed that it can live in.

    5 I hate uncomfortable silences so I try to fill them, which might be uncomfortable for others :P

    6 I don’t need auto tune to sound okay.

    7 I’m in my mid-twenties and still able to put my leg behind my head (huray for me). One at the time though.

    8 I don’t use nail polish, but my girlfriend does. I like it when she has one nail in a different color.

    9 I like to repair stuff that you would “normally” replace and throw away.

    10 Donald Duck is my favorite Disney character, and I’m annoyed when people pronounce “character” incorrectly (and I’m not even fluent in English myself. I throw around grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, but hey, you can’t control the things that annoy you).

    11 My eyes are at a boringly normal distance apart. I do have brushy eyebrows though.

    12 A grilled cheese sandwich reminds me of my childhood.

    13 I’ll never ever dye my hair platinum blonde (and I hope you’ll go hazel brown one day. I wasn’t a fan of the black tbh but the red is triple A. I loved your short hair from around 2005).

    14 My fingers aren’t that long, but long enough to play keyboard, I have to stretch a little with some chords.

    15 I need(!!) coffee in the morning, drink tea at noon. I love the new mineral waters from Spa with a slight taste of lemon, mint, grape fruit or blackberry. Don’t know if it is available in Germany, but they look like this http://www.optimavita.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/untitled.jpg.
    Various alcoholic drinks during weekends and Weißbier on tropical sunny summer days.

    16 I had economy and sociology as advanced courses, but later needed further training in physics and math to continue to my preferred college.

    17 I’m good at postponing things, but once I get to it I can be like one possessed until I’ve finished the job.

    So other than that we both like cats and we won’t go platinum blonde, there aren’t a lot of similarities. Although on snapchat I did notice that you drink Pukka tea, at least I have a couple of flavours of that in my tea box. And to clarify, I had them first ;)

    ps. If you liked the read, please post a snap with your favorite pukka tea :)


    • Susan Wayland
      Jul 22, 2016

      Dear Max, wow – thanks for all the information it was fun to read all of it. Regarding repairing things: that sounds like my Dad and I admiring him for his passion and passion about that. :-) And you are so right about uncomfortable silence. That reminds me of another thing of mine: I don’t like small talk at all.

  2. Stiwi Small
    Jul 21, 2016

    Very interesting facts I got to read :D

    Guess now it’s my turn as one of your fans :P atrick

    1. I’m a bad singer even though i’m black. :D

    2. I don’t do a lot of sports. Even so I have a pretty athletic figure since I’m 15 years old, because of my great metabolism.

    3. Even though English is my favourite subject and I constantly got A & B grades, my speaking is pretty bad & I have to concentrate a lot till I get the right words out of my mouth.

    4. I’m an epileptic.

    5. I did a few TFP-shootings in 2014 which was a great experience but I never had the dream of becoming a model.

    6. I’m a nurse.

    7. I prefer cats, because they are so chilled and quiet and they don’t get on your nerves that much, unless they are Hungry. :D

    8. I have 4 siblings.

    9. I was born on a historical day. On the 7th December, 49 years after pearl harbor.

    10. There are no more facts! :D o


    • Susan Wayland
      Jul 22, 2016

      thanks for your personal information. I enjoyed to read all of them … and number 7 (when cats are hungry) that sounds much like our two fully pink noses! :-D

  3. Justin Langenbacher
    Jul 21, 2016

    I think you a amazing woman. I love goofy too but dumbo is also my favorite. I like the red and black hair on u . Ok ab me i love the outdoors fishing hunting hiking 4 wheeling firefighting take my kids to the park. Idk what else to say i am shy too i just know i would love to get to know u

  4. warmaster1408 (Henk)
    Jul 21, 2016

    Dear Susan . I like it that you open your self to the rest of the world. I love cats and I like to drink a beer at the time . I love your hair this way so don’t change it. I get up at 5 am to go to work I am a builder. I hate useless things. And I love Death Metal it gives me energy an relieve me from tensions. I love Beautiful women dress in latex so I can see the curves of their bodies without their being naked that’s so Fantastic. I have a calm character and I love to work in my garden. Til so far BEAUTIFUL

  5. Zachary Leverentz
    Jul 21, 2016

    Wow that’s so me to can sleep anywhere an everywhere all day an night long I’m 36 an had eyes wide apart to frowning up basically everything same as u babe no lie hehe but I can sing well so people tell me hehe don’t no if they just say that to make me happy or what but anyway yer would love to get to know u more babe u are so sweet an fun funny an definitely so beautiful hehe love to hear from u thanks

  6. Kevin barry
    Jul 21, 2016

    Good morning susan.thats alot of information to take in at one time

  7. Hojae
    Jul 22, 2016

    It’s very interesting. You look very great! I have a question. You said your legs have a different length. 4cm. I think it is not short. Do you have any inconvenience with it?

    • Susan Wayland
      Jul 22, 2016

      Thank you! Because of the difference in the length of my legs my spine has a little twist (scoliosis) as well so sometimes my back hurts. But beside that it’s more a visual thing and a problem of right fitting pants :-D

      • Hojae
        Jul 22, 2016

        You are very positive girl! Really adorable!

  8. Morten Jensen
    Jul 22, 2016

    i must say you are realy somthing to yourself. unique sence of way ;) realy like your tattos. dragons especially

    1. you wake up the same houer as i do. but im heading off to work at that time. working on completing my chef education. making alot of sweet food :)

    exept from that nothing much to add without sounding lie a total idiot

    but in general, like to fish, snowboarding, dj`ing for close friends in need of some music. and chill out with my dragons @ home ^^ collecting dragons, swords, daggers, yeah. you get it.

    this is a cool page.



    theese are the dragons your looking for ^^

    the last piece of thing i would want in my living room witch eventually will be filled with dragons of all sizes and shapes, could say i am inspired by goth homestyle ;)

    you have yourself an incredible summer. you dont deseerve anyhing less. :) “dragonqueen” ;) hehe.

  9. Steven
    Jul 22, 2016

    Thank you for sharing, you are amazing person. No 13 is my favourite one, I think as well you should keep the dark hair.

  10. Allen McGahan
    Jul 22, 2016

    Hi ms,Wayland,I enjoyed hearing about you and like you I also like cats at one time I had 3 a Siberian forest cat a Bombay black and a ragdoll but I collapsed and had a cerebral haemorrhage and 3 brain aneurysms and spent 11 months in hospital one the eldest was put down as he got a ear infection but the other two had good homes found for them and have a good life I only wish I could have said goodbye to them but at least I’m alive and not to bad of as my left leg is weaker but with exercise it is getting stronger but my bladder no longer works and I have what’s called a supa pubic catheter to drain it.Its uncomfortable but at least I’m still alive and now I spend my time on my computer playing games to pass the time or watch tv as I have cable so I get to see shows I don’t usually see on normal channels and I think your very beautiful and no matter what anyone said don’t go blond as your hair is beautiful with the color you have chosen it suits you till next time miss Wayland have I good day.Allen

  11. HansVonUndZuBlubb
    Jul 22, 2016

    Hey Sway,

    the early bird catches the worm, gets fat and dies of a heart attack. Since its not the case for you, two more questions for you:

    - 5:30 is early, when you go to bed on a regular day and how do you cope to have at least 6-7 hours of sleep per day?

    - do you use some human kind or waking machine to get up in the morning or you just tend to wake up so early?

    Lovely greetings to the shiny canary bird =)

    • Susan Wayland
      Jul 23, 2016

      Mostly I go to bed between 10-11pm -sometimes earlier sometimes later.

  12. bigbear
    Jul 23, 2016

    Liebe Sway,
    danke das Du uns Fans persönlichen Fakten über Dich so toll teilhaben läßt. Ich bin nicht so sehr der facebook, twitter oder blogger typ – ist einfach nicht mein Ding. Früh aufstehen sehe ich eher als lästige Nowendigkeit. Ich liebe es, am Wochenende morgends länger zu schlafen – Frühstück so gegen 9 Uhr.

    Wenn jemand so attraktiv ist wie Du und auch in der Öffentlickeit bekannt ist, dann ist deine Zurückhaltung beim Kennenlernen neuer Leute mehr als verständlich.
    Ich bin da auch sehr vorsichtig, wenn es darum, geht neue Freundschaften zu schließen – ich mag das Leben mit guten Freunden, die sich gegenseitig unterstützen.

    Ich bewundere Dich, dass Du so früh morgends regelmäßig Sport treibst – ich kriege das nicht gebacken.

    Viel mehr Kommentare zu Deinen persönlichen Fakten und zu mir möchte ich hier auf dem blog nicht machen – ist mir zu “öffentlich” – da bevorzuge ich doch eher email. Du hast immer all meine Sympathien, liebe Sway.

    Mit Küsschen und bear hug – bigbear

  13. Schizo666
    Aug 1, 2016

    Nun, im Mai diesen Jahres hatte ich mein 10 jähriges Sway-Jubiläum, also warum nicht ein paar Fackten über mich?

    1. Schlafen war nie ein großes Problem für mich, doch abgesehen von einem immer wiederkehrenden Albtraum den ich für etwa 8 Jahre meiner Kindheit (und manchmal heute noch) hatte, kann ich mich fast nie an meine Träume erinnern.

    2. Ich bin ein Nachtmensch und arbeite in einem Beruf in dem ich morgens den Wecker auf 4Uhr15 stellen muß. Sobald ich mehr als eine Woche Urlaub habe ist die selbe Uhrzeit dann meistens die Zeit zu der ich zu Bett gehe.

    3. Ich bin 1,92m groß und war schon immer der mit Abstand größte in meiner Schulklasse, weshalb ich nach einem Unfall mit 14 Jahren auf der Erwachsenenstation aufgenommen wurde – leicht verschätzt.

    4. Wenn gleich ich auch alle Tiere liebe und schon eine Maus bei einer Rettungsaktion aus meiner Hose bergen musste und zuletzt einen Zaunkönig aus meiner Wohnung getragen habe… Ich mag Hunde am liebsten, weil sie immer spielen wollen und einem ehrlich ihre Meinung zeigen. Ich habe an der Seite von unserem Schäferhund/Dobermann-Mischling laufen gelernt. Das liebste Tier der Welt. Ich war Lucky Luke und er war Rantanplan.

    5. Ich bin den meisten gegenüber sehr zurückhaltend und mag keine großen Menschenansammlungen weil ich den Überblick verliere. Ich halte auch keinen Kontakt zu meinen Freunden, während meine echten Freunde wissen das ich immer für sie da wäre, wodurch ich mir falsche Freunde fern halte.

    6. Ich liebe es zu singen und singe wenn ich glücklich bin, wenn ich wütend bin, wenn ich traurig bin. Ich habe heute schon zu mindestens 5 Songs lauthals mitgesungen. Ich war mal Sänger/Shouter/Rapper einer Band im Berreich Rock aber ich bin nicht gut genug für einen Frontmann und bleibe lieber beim mitsingen.

    7. Aufgrund meiner Wachstumsschübe (Punkt 3) wuchsen Knochen und Muskeln schneller als meine Haut und ich habe an Hüfte, Beinen und Armen diverse Narben wie schwangere sie als Schwangerschaftsstreifen kennen.

    8. Ich bin absolut Praxisorientiert und dann darf es auch etwas mehr kosten, ansonsten kann ich auch ganz verzichten. Ich neige allerdings dazu alles doppelt zu kaufen/zu besitzen. Ich habe daher auch ein Badezimmer mit zwei Waschbecken, einer Dusche und einer Badewanne mit Dusche. Ich habe Zwei Tablets, zwei Netbooks, zwei Desktop-PC’s, zwei Fernseher, zwei E-Gitarren, zwei fünfseitige E-Bässe, Zwei Spiegel am Kleiderschrank… mir würden wohl hunderte Beispiele einfallen. Vielleicht ein Zeichen von Verlustängsten.

    9. Meine Lieblings Disney-Figur wäre (glaube ich) am ehesten Balu der Bär aus dem Original Tarzan, weil ich gerne mehr ruhe hätte und ein bisschen so wie er sein würde, wenngleich ich auch immer zu sehr zu Gefühlsausbrüchen neige und dabei oft unbeteiligten vor die Stirn schlage.

    10. Ich verliere genetisch bedingt bereits meine Haare und wollte mir früh eine Glatze rasieren lassen und meine Friseurin hat entsetzt erwidert das man dafür die richtige Kopfform haben muß. “Selbst ist der Mann” und dank Gilette und Wilkinson weiß ich jetzt, dass eine Glatze nicht das Schlimmste auf Erden ist. – Die Haare sind genetisch, nicht politisch – Serdar Sumunco

    11. Vanillepudding und Mayala (gibt es so nicht mehr) erinnern mich an meine Kindheit.

    12. Ich habe mir noch nie die Haare gefärbt und jetzt ist es zu spät (der Bart wäre auch nicht lang genug)

    13. Meine Handflächen sind sehr groß und wurden schon diverse male mit Schaufeln jeglicher Art verglichen. Passende Handschuhe haben daher immer ein wenig mehr “Fingerfreiheit”.

    14. Ich mag keinen Kaffee, nicht einmal den Geruch von Kaffee und teilweise wird mir schwindelig und ich bekomme Kopfschmerzen vom Geruch. Daher lieber Tee.

    15. Mich hat in der Schule einfach alles gelangweilt. Ich habe mir nie mühe gegeben und immer nur an die nächste Pause gedacht. Wenn es um den nächsten Test ging habe ich angefangen mir Sachen anzusehen und dann meistens eine Mitlere bis gute Zensur bekommen. Meinen Abschluß habe ich dann mit erweitertem Sekundar Stufe 2 absolviert, ohne Anstrengung. Rückblickend war ich einfach nur unterfordert und genervt. Wenn man 80% der Zeit vor sich hin träumt ist es klar das einem etwas verloren geht. Meh – Ich habe einen guten Job.

    16. Ich bin für viele erschreckend ordentlich, nur putzen fällt mir schwer. Am meisten weil ich dafür meine Ordnung stören muß und Sachen kurz zur Seite gestellt werden müssen. Alles in Allem halte ich aber Ordnung UND Sauberkeit.

    So viel zu mir, nachfragen ist okay, ich bin wie ich bin…

    • Susan Wayland
      Aug 4, 2016

      Danke! WOW! Du warst wirklich in Schreiblaune und es hat mir voll gefallen all das über dich zu erfahren. Supi :-)

  14. Tim Siewert
    Aug 14, 2016

    My God you are gorgeous! Beyond that I am speechless!

  15. Mitch Teepe
    Sep 9, 2016

    Be yourself and stay happy and beautiful you are awsome

  16. John Gately
    Sep 29, 2016


    I love your work and learning more about you. Here is a bit about me:

    1. I love going to the movies, I attend them regularly in theaters.
    2. I am 6’5″ and afraid of heights.
    3. I am constantly told I should be playing American Football on my local team New England Patriots.
    4. One of my favorite smells is Roses.
    5. I wear size 16 4E (extra extra extra extra wide) Shoes
    6. Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is my favorite Holiday!

  17. Luis
    Oct 17, 2016

    1. I really like fetish clothing. When I was a little boy, even before I knew anything about sex, I got excited when I saw girls dancing in fishnet stockings. I wished to get dressed like them and to feel the touch of those thick legs and that tight stuff on them.

    2. I am good at languages. I can speak Spanish, English, French, German and a little Chinese. And I like to learn everything about alphabets, history of language, ethymology, origins and relations of language and so on.

    3. I have a lot of fantasies. I used to imagine stories and dream awake while I walked. Sometimes I still do.

    4.I love Germany and its culture. I know the history of germanic people since the first Teutons fought by the Romans, the Goths, Vandals, Franks, Swavish, the Roman-Germanic Empire, the Lutheran Reform, the War between Austrians and Prussia to create a unified German state, 1st and 2nd World Wars, the divided Germany, the Unification.

    5. Currently I am in Hannover with some pupils from Spain in an interchange among Swedish, Norwegian, German and Spanish students and teachers.

    6. I am a Technolgy teacher. I teach pupils about Mechanics, Electronics, Computers and so on. I have also taught Maths, English and French.

    7. I always remmember what I dream, even if I take a short sleep.

    8. I am trying to prove Riemann’s Hypothesis, a 150-year-old problem. The person who can solve it will get a one-million-dollar prize. I think it will just take me about 30 years to do it.

    9. I love latex, spandex,body painting and everything that makes human body look shiny, soft, colourful and magical.

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