Shopping Tip: Photo Set ‘Diva in Leather Corset’

Shopping Tip: Photo Set ‘Diva in Leather Corset’

There is a new gallery in my beloved photo library in the Susan Wayland Store you can shop now. After all these many latex photo sets with blond hair, I thought a fresh change would be nice spice to pimp the photo library a bit. :-)

So for all the collectors among you there is a new current photo set of me in collaboration with S&M Photography online now. The gallery ‘Diva in the Leather Corset’ is an exciting series of pictures the Susan Wayland Club in whom I wear a dreamlike black leather corset of Revanche de la Femme, plus a black soft pair of latex pants from the rubber label Latexa.

A wonderful leather corset with black latex pants.

A wonderful leather corset with black latex pants.

The pants and corset looked so fantastic together and I have enjoyed totally to wear this stunning combination. Hence, I am delighted you can purchase the photo set ‘Diva in Leather Corset’ as a single gallery now … for all of you guys who are not a member in Susan Wayland Club yet, but would still love to own with pleasure a digitally latex gallery of yours truly. :-D

The photo set consists of 90 images, comes in 100MB zip-file and in an image resolution of 1600px and if you are now in shopping mood, here is your way to the product!

I wish you a nice start into the weekend – see you!

*sweet kisses*

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