Latex Leggins by Lady Lucie

Latex Leggins by Lady Lucie

Who is looking for chic latex fashion, loves with pleasure loud colors, will bump very soon into the British latex label Lady Lucie. Lady Lucie creates wonderfully colored and extravagant fashion.

Dresses, trousers, extravagant tops just as this smart blue latex leggins are to be found in her big assortment.Their designs are inspired by the fluorescent world of the circus as she told to me in  interview with “Finest-Addiction”.

Lady Lucie Fashion

Lady Lucie Fashion

For the Fashion Editorial in the latex couture e magazine she puts us together a choice of her outfits which embody best her own style. Among the rest, this wonderfully azure piece of art. You can buy it still in other brilliant colors, as for example pink! :-D

I please me that I can show you now in the gallery “Azure Blue ” as smartly and fashionably  rubber fashion can be. Thus who likes the brilliant latex photograph which is thrilling aesthetically, nobly but still sexy I invite with pleasure to take a little view in the Susan Wayland Club. From underwear and corset about Cosplay and uniforms up to bikini and glamor fashion, you find a gigantic choice in latex photographs and videos.

A lot of fun to you!

*sweet kisses *

Latex Leggins

Latex Leggins


  1. Zara
    Feb 12, 2015

    Never heard before of Lady Lucie – looked at her shop, her cloths looking wonderfully beautiful <3

  2. Loli 7
    Apr 13, 2015

    Nice leggins thx for the hint, gonna check the website out!

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