Latex Couture Calendar 2016

Latex Couture Calendar 2016

If you are subscribed to my newsletter you should already got the great news, if not: TATATATAAA or for those who like it short ‘tada’ ;-)
My brand new Latex Couture Calendar 2016 is now available! As usual it’s a rare & limited edition. So, if you want me decorating your wall throughout 2016 head over to my online store and get yourself a treat. Susan Wayland Latex Couture Calendar 2016

I’m so happy to share this news with you ’cause every year the annual calendar mean something special to me. I put lot of effort, work, heartblood and passion in it and it’s so amazing to hold finally this years highlight in my hands! :-D

Here are some more details about the precious piece:

  • portrait format in 16.5” x 11.4” (DIN-A3)
  • limited edition
  • 13 selected artistic latex photographa (includes cover)
  • 1 summary sheet of the 12 months pictures and cover in miniature format
  • high quality offset printing
  • glossy print
  • collector’s item
  • silver spiral binding
  • Protection Foil

And that’s me with my new wall-deco :-)

Susan Wayland - Latex Couture Calendar 2016

Susan Wayland – Latex Couture Calendar 2016

*sweet kisses*


  1. Sebastien
    Oct 22, 2015

    Hooray! I got my calendar yesterday! It has become very nice again. Fantastic photographs of you!

  2. Daniel
    Nov 10, 2015

    Echt dein Kalender ist wieder klasse geworden, tolle Bilder und schöne Qualität. Mein Wand freut sich jetzt schon auf 2016!

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