Latex: Bare Essentials

Latex: Bare Essentials

What are your actual latex bare essentials? I believe that there might be a multitude of possible answers. Someone could not take it without a full catsuit, or a tiny slip, but it also could be a dress or even just a mask that fits the bill.

My ultimate bare essentials in latex are black latex stockings and black latex gloves. I simply love them and it does not matter which shooting is in store, there will always be black latex stockings and a pair of shiny latex gloves packed in for the ride.

Susan Wayland with a shiny red pair of latex stockings and gloves.They are versatile and can be combined with any given garments. For instance, in combination with a colorful catsuit they will exude a flair of extravagance, and as accessories to a sexy dress they are just about the cream of the crop. On the other hand, nothing beats the sexiness of wearing only black latex stockings and shiny latex gloves, and I mean wearing only them and nothing else.

My personal preference goes to the thin versions of such outfits, they are easier to put on (and off), they are comfortable to wear and they do not squeeze and pinch

By the way, transparent red latex stockings and gloves are a tight second place holder, after the all time favorite, black, just in case you wondered


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