Fit & Healthy = Diet & Sport

Fit & Healthy = Diet & Sport

It is my opinion that besides the make-up and styling tips it is about time that I respond to the questions in regards to my dieting and sports management. Many have asked me pertaining to my fitness regime, what exercises I employ to stay in shape and if I have any body sculpting secrets. Since that there is no top secret label on my exercise and food regimes, I decided to reveal it all.

So here goes nothing:

A healthy and balanced diet and a lot of movement is my alpha and omega of healthy living. I try to avoid any processed food and fast food, as well as anything that contains artificial flavors and preservatives. Also on my no-no list is the good old MSG and processed (refined) sugar. Instead of to much animal fat I like to eat nuts and avocados, they are real health-bombs!

Susan Wayland in a sexy red bikiniMy main objective is to prepare my food by myself. I use products that contain whole wheat, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, seasonal vegetables, fish, chicken, nuts, beans, legumes and peas; but also soya based products and yoghurt; all of these are parts of my healthy diet objective. I also try to avoid eating fried food as well as any foods that contain too much fat. I prefer apples, apricots and berries of all kind to sweet tropical fruits. Additionally, I make sure that I imbibe my customary 3 liters of water or unsweetened tea every single day.

Topmodel Susan Wayland shows her sporty bodyA healthy diet is just the yin to the yang, which in this case is fitness. It is important to me to not only take care of the female parts that concern most women, like abdomen, thighs and the glutei, but to properly exercise all muscles, employing a full body sculpting exercise regime. Arms, shoulders and the back are just as important, aiding to accomplish a proper posture, alleviate back problems or make sure that none show up with advancing age. It is better to have the whole body sculpted well, not only to present a washboard stomach on an otherwise limp body. It would look weird, wouldn’t it? My cardio exercises include the crosstrainer, swimming, jogging and every now and then when it rains, my trim track machine.

This is how I keep myself healthy and fit. There is no big secret behind it, only a lot of sweat and endurance.

Nevertheless, allow me to reveal a tiny little secret: although I am very health conscious, I have a profound weak spot for gummy bears, popcorn and rice pudding!



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