FAQ: Why no F-Cup and platinum blonde hair anymore?

FAQ: Why no F-Cup and platinum blonde hair anymore?

There is a lovely new/old photoset on Susan Wayland Club now! Back in time were I had platinum blonde hair and cup F boobs. And to be honest I don’t miss both of them! Why? First my hopefully final answer of the never ending question: When I’ll go back to blonde? Not in the near future. Yes being a blonde was fun, pretty cool for ten year. But I moved on, I developed as model and person. The ‘barbie’ look (please no offense here, it’s just to illustrate my point) just do not fit to my personality and charisma anymore. Of course you should never say never. But today is today and neither past nor future. And nowadays I love my red hair. :-)

People often ask me why I reduced my boobs and why I didn’t announce or explain it? Seriously? Whatever you do with your body should be YOUR OWN PERSONAL decision. It starts with what cloths you wear, in which color you dye your hair and of course how big you want your breasts size. Not to mention behind every public person is a privat person as well who has the right to have a private life and the right to protect it.

Of course having an F cup looks pretty awesome. And I wouldn’t have went for that cup size when I wouldn’t love big boobs. BUT there are also lot of cons which are often be forgotten when we see people with bigger breasts. In my case it had influence of my health, I had over years capsular fibrosis on both sides, luckily without any obviously dislocation. Through the yearslong constantly enormous pressure of the breast muscle (my implants were located over the muscles) my right breast muscles was nearly complete destroyed and gone. Thin as a piece of paper. This is irreparable and can’t be fixed anymore. Oh là là … lovely… what a nice side effect!

Beside this health issue the huge F-cup implants had also impact of my general wellbeing and life. So I couldn’t do particular workouts not to mention shopping for the ‘upper body’ always turned into a nightmare. I couldn’t sleep on my belly or do any kind of jumping sports. When you work as model you are automatically reduced on your appearance. So when you are 5’10’’ inch tall like I am, have an F-cup and are a blonde babe you can be sure you are for most of the people a sexy exhibit, a trophy they would love to own. By far you are NOT a serious taken model or a girl who has her own voice. Well my ego could handle that, because I never take dudes like this serious but I was shocked how many people are walking into the ‘blonde girl with big boobs’ trap.

Susan Wayland with red hair and d-cup

Today: I’m proud I took the step to reduce my boobs in the year 2013. I’m feeling relieved, free and being super happy with my smaller and lovely D cup now. :-D I can do any fitness exercise I want. The pain in my right breast muscles while exercising is nearly gone and I can sleep on my belly again without any pain or pressure on the thorax … and shopping … not to mention all the shopping fun *LOL*

I hope I could lighten up some of the most popular questions around my ‘look’ and wish you folks a wonderful sunny week! Have fun, be happy & healthy!

*sweet kisses*


  1. binotto
    Jun 15, 2016

    You look fantastic now! Most importantly, it’s great that you’re doing your own thing.

  2. Alex
    Jun 18, 2016

    The new look and outlook that you have just makes you that much more sexy. You can see in your new pictures that you have a stronger sense to your being

  3. bigBear
    Jun 23, 2016

    Dear Sway,

    Happy Birthday ! I wish you all the best ! Enjoy your day !

    What you have written here really touched me. I wasn´t aware about the health problems you had with your breasts in the past and that people saw you more as sexual trophy than the nice person you really are. You have done the right decision for your health and your personality and for your fans !

    Thanks for all the good things you have done for us fans over the years!

    With a kiss and a big bear hug !

  4. Daniel
    Jul 12, 2016

    well we ever have the privilege to witness the new boobs, or will you always keep them just out of reach, hidden behind a thin transparent barrier, ever so tantalizing

    • Susan Wayland
      Jul 16, 2016

      currently I’m really happy with the new photography touch of my latex modelling. So time will tell

  5. Cameron
    Jul 22, 2016

    Love the red hair! Your flawless and a total sweetheart! Be yourself there is only one of you around. Those things you think are flaws are what makes you perfect.

  6. Schizo666
    Aug 1, 2016

    Ich mag deinen Look mit dunklen Haaren eh viel mehr.

  7. Jason Allen
    Aug 1, 2016

    What a great read, it’s always important to do whats best for YOU. You look much happier too, and it doesn’t hurt your sexier now then when you had Blond colored hair. :) .

  8. Jason
    Aug 2, 2016

    Love the red hair better then the blonde. I think it shows the kind of person that you are. Glad you thought of your health instead of keeping the big boobs. Sometimes it’s all about how you carry yourself.

    • Susan Wayland
      Aug 4, 2016

      thank you! I never thought red hair would suit me so good – now I’m super happy with this vivid fire look :-)

  9. LatexKid27
    Sep 1, 2016

    Hey Susan! Just wanna say that I am happy for you for the decisions you have made :)

    When I first discovered my love for latex, you were one of the key influences in that.

    Just wanna say that from then till now, I LOVE the way you look right now! Makes me fall in love all over again if that’s a right way to describe it haha..

    Stay confident and be yourself! :)

    • Susan Wayland
      Sep 1, 2016

      thanks for your nice words! And of course it’s wonderful to hear you like the new look of mine so much! :-) Have a great and shiny day!!! :-P

  10. Ava Le
    Sep 12, 2016

    Hey Susan,

    Respect your decision to follow your own style and not what others may want to you do!

    Thanks for always being such a rolemodel for women all around to love your own looks.

    Best Wishes,


  11. Edward Cantor
    Mar 13, 2017

    I’m coming to this post late, having recently seen an image from older photo sets and I just wanted to add my voice to those commenting just how lovely and amazing you look now, and how that is only sweeter now knowing that your choice has made you feel better and healthier.

    Thank you for everything.

  12. LatexLust
    Aug 17, 2017

    hi Susan,
    I’m happy for you that you find happines in your choice, that’s the most important thing.
    I’m just curious how much was the size of the implant to get you a F cup, 500cc each?

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