Cover Story for ‘TheFetishistas’

Cover Story for ‘TheFetishistas’

Sometimes life give us limes when we expect juice, nobody  knows fore why. But don’t let yourself be worried about. Make juice out of it and keep up the good vibes as best as you can. :-) I’m happy Tony Mitchell has giving me the possibility to speak open, honest and exclusive about last year’s banana skins in my life. In the new edition of the online magazine ‘The Fetishistas’ you can read a lot about my latest latex projects, the philosophy behind the latex couture magazine ‘Finest-Addiction’ and… exactly: How to make juice out of limes! ;-)

Cover Story: The Fetishistas

Cover Story: The Fetishistas

Beside the big and extensive interview you can find as it should be many new latex photos!

Enjoy reading!

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  1. stephen carlin
    Jul 24, 2014

    You always sound so positive Susan. I admire that. Best of luck to you. I will try and find this magazine.

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