Unboxing & fitting – new latex fashion

Unboxing & fitting – new latex fashion

Hello my lovelies,

since a pretty long time I’m a fan of the amazing latex fashion from Cathouse Clothing. Their outfits are mazing in quality, fitting, design and the customer service is super friendly which is think is a big bonus as well. The variation of their design is fantastic, they always come up with new design ideas like various animal prints, fancy new colors or some new structure latex design. I don’t what’s about you but I LOVE to unbox my new parcels and to show off the outfits I just received no matter if it’s latex, lovely undies or just a normal pair of sexy jeans. So I thought let’s unbox my new outfits from Cathouse Clothing together! :-)

Latex Military UniformSo I thought let’s unbox my new outfits from Cathouse Clothing together and see how they fit! And oh boy… these outfits are amazing, aren’t they? You can see all the fun in my new YouTube video now. And I followed the many requests to talk in English to you. You know my mother tongue is German and I’m always a bit insecure talking in a foreign language in front of the camera, not the mention the weird feeling listen to your own voice afterwards … haha!

I really love those new outfits from Cathouse Clothing and already looking forward to shoot with them. For the one or other I’ve already have some nice ideas in my head, so let’s wait and see! If you guys want to see more from this kind of videos I would be happy if you leave a thumb up and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel. And if YOU have ideas or suggestions for further ideas please leave them in the comments.

*sweet kisses*


  1. Charlz
    Apr 4, 2017

    your voice!!! finally I hear you speaking and your new latex items are very pretty Sway

  2. Cheng P
    Apr 12, 2017

    love from china!

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