blogging lazy & backstage glam & new latex photos

blogging lazy & backstage glam & new latex photos

Hello my lovelies,

I guess you  already have noticed that it has been quiet here in my blog during the last weeks . To be honest, my last weeks were full with work and I felt more to  cuddle on the sofa and watching Netflix on my home time instead doing anything else. Maybe typical winter time? Am I missing the sun? I have no clue … I only know my cats felt the same way … fuzzily frizzy snuggle pink noses … :-P catAlso the properly motivation and the right vigour were absent to write something on my blog. And before I only wrote impersonal texts, write to you with something with no sense stuff  like ‘ hello this there is new on my website ‘ I leave it rather whole.

Hence, I’m happy to bring a little more swing here on the blog back again. Beside all usual Christmas madness the new year started with lot of new work for me. Unfortunately, I can’t speak about all new projects yet, except: very soon you’ll see lot of latex and that all the projects were lot of fun with many flashlight thunderstorm …, and as soon as I can I will share with you all the rest – I PROMISE! But I don’t want to take the risk and leave you alone full with curiosity so here you can see a little backstage show!

You know, just the normal glamorous backstage insanity!

WinterMeanwhile the winter has arrived here in Germany as well. After we had a rather spring-like Christmas, with trees started to blossom, then the nature has probably thought itself, … well … there must be a lack in the annual seasons. And during the last both weeks the north of Germany had changed into a dreamlike winter scenery. I totally love the snow, then everything is so peaceful and quiet, just so wonderfully nice *dreaming*


And of course there were and are new great latex galleries for all fans of glossy cloths in Susan Wayland Club within the last weeks again!

Once a colorful fashion gallery with a great latex costume of Cathouse Clothing, an excursion into the fairy tales and Cosplay world and brand-new in the member’s area a powerful power series with an unusual latex uniform of Dead lotus Couture. A tight thrilling mixture and for every kinky taste!

I wish you all one great day and see you soon in my blog again…

Yours not anymore so lazy blogging feeling
SWAY ;-)

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  1. Martin
    Jan 28, 2016

    Thank you, Sway, for sharing your beauty and insight with all of your fans. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep on watching your progress.

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