Behind the scenes video

Behind the scenes video

You’ve guys asked for it and et voilà here it is: Some behind the scenes action! You can enjoy backstage fun in my newest YouTube video. So you can get a closer view how a common latex photoshoot with Markus from S&M Photography and my humble self normally looks like. I assume not that glamourous as many of you may think. ;-)

The Metal Shoot

The video was created as we shoot the latex gallery ‘The Metal Shoot’ wherein I wore a tight black latex catsuit from Blackstyle – oh boy, this thing is sooooo old! Amazing!!! Over the catsuit a put a bronze colored jumpsuit from the latex label savage Wear. I totally love this outfit and I think many of you know this item already because I have shoot with it for so many times now. And to bring some variation to this outfit I decided to wear it in this shoot over the black catsuit and WOW! This is an amazing change! I never thought it would look that cool! So you can looking forward to lots of latex, high heels and girlie blabber.

I wish you lot of fun, l’m looking forward to your comments and hope you enjoy the behind the scenes video.

*sweet kisses*

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  1. JayL
    Apr 21, 2017

    Your latex fashion always inspire me. Someday I will try latex!

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