Backstage Video: Latex Photos Berlin 2009

Backstage Video: Latex Photos Berlin 2009

Hello dear sweethearts,
It’s already some time ago I started once again a new You-Tube Channel where I share from time to time a video with you. Beside the latex trailers which you can see also here in my blog or when you visit the website Susan Wayland Club there are  also this or other witty private video of mine.

Now there is also this video below to see which I had taken up once in the year 2009 in Berlin between numerous photo projects with my little Digi-Cam. Long the video was missing, I could not find again it, but, nevertheless, now the good piece has finally appeared. So now I am happy to share with you again this little the private backstage video. Therein there is not really super-duper thrilling action to seen, I just simply babbled away between numerous photo shoots and few scenes of my chaos make-up utensils are also to seen ! :-D

A lot of fun and if you like you can also visit my You-Tube Channel!

*sweet kisses*


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  1. Vany
    Apr 10, 2015

    That’s a cute video! I don’t understand anything you say but could listen to your lovely voice all day long

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