Autumn time – my last weeks in a nutshell

Autumn time – my last weeks in a nutshell

Hello my lovelies … and welcome back! Or should I say welcome back Sway? haha … I think some of you have already noticed it was quite calm here in my blog in the last weeks. And now I found the time to write some personal lines to tell you a bit was going on here.

First of all: I’m happy the autumn issue of my latex couture e-zine ’Finest-Addiction’ is finally out. Some of you know I working in my spare time and beside all the normal crazy daily stuff on this project. I totally love it but never thought it would take so much time and effort to create an issue. It’s sometimes really insane but on the other hand the work is so much fun and every new issue is a little highlight for me. :-)

'Finest-Addiction' #7

‘Finest-Addiction’ #7

So thanks to Josefine Jönsson, Caroline form Cathouse Clothing and Penny of LustDesign for their support, interviews, pictures, nice answers to my questions … and and and … without you the e-zine for this autumn wouldn’t become so nice! Thanks a lot beautiful ladies!  :lol:

Another highlights of my last weeks were the prices I got from Steve Diet Goedde and What Katie Did. These are few of the prices I won in this year Sinical Top Alt Model competition where I got the 3rd place. *happy* So I’m totally happy as I found the nice presents on my doorstep. I’ve always been and admirer of Steves work – he’s a legend in the artful fetish photography and his cards and prints looking amazing in original.  8-O

Steve Diet Goedde Gift Pack

Steve Diet Goedde Gift Pack

Also the corset of What Katie Did is fantastic. The quality of her items are amazing and she made it every woman looks fabulous in her sensual underwear. So guys, you know what that means – photoshoot time to show you as soon as possible how I look in her corset. *LOL*

I also did many photoshoots for my website… you know days getting shorter and colder, so Markus of S&M Photography and me trying to catch the last warm days and sunbeams for cool outdoor photography as much as we could. If you are follow my Instagram you might have seen the one or other selfie on location I did. If not: here they are again! ;-)



Hmmm… what else? Right, yes, I nearly forgot: Few images of some amazing photographs of my humble self in a fairy latex costume were published in the Cosplay Issue of Cynical magazine a while ago. Therein I am ‘Latex Snow White’ *happy* I love the interpretation we did so much and Markus made some super work in the retouch process to underline the fantasy and fairy atmosphere.

Latex Cosplay 'Snow White'

Latex Cosplay ‘Snow White’

Beside all the business work, our cats are getting fluffier with each day. And very soon I can show you a picture of them in their proudly winter fur. Every year in the cold season they looking like exploded cotton pads :-D
Cozy Autumn
I’m still a kitchen freak, love to cook and bake and would love to share some delicious recipes with you but I assume that’s not what you are looking for when visiting my blog or Susan Wayland Club. *LOL* … so … see and talk to you soon!

*sweet kisses*


  1. Frank
    Oct 6, 2015

    cool photos Sway – always adored your writing style.

  2. ginsu
    Oct 15, 2015

    you are so adorable!

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