Awesome army camouflage oufit

Awesome army camouflage oufit

You certainly already know I have a passion for sexy latex outfits and that I totally LOVE awesome bikinis. There is nothing nice in summer than to slip in such a small two pieces outfit and to enjoy the warm sunbeams on the skin then now and again one more cooling and a tasty smoothie – and the girl is happy! :-D


Or you slip into another kind of bikini, as for example this brilliant one in the camouflage style, then you search for the suitable army trousers which is somewhere in the mysterious depths of the wardrobe hidden and come along with the first sunrays on in the bushes! What a fun! Actually, I would not have needed my morning coffee, ’cause I was active like a squirrel with RedBull in its veins.  For sooooo long I already wanted to wear this really sexily latex camouflage bikini for you. The design is totally nice and I please me gigantically that the designer Simon O. has transformed my idea of a sportily sexily army dress so fantastically. I could still smooch him for it.

And then I could smooch of course  Markus of S&M Photography for the fact that he has done so brilliant images of my adventurous escapades in the wild wildness of me and then of course also a thick smooching to you: Your feedback to the new gallery ‘Sexily Army Girl Expedition’ in the Susan Wayland Club is so brilliant! Insanity! And if you are pleased, also I am pleased and that’s pure motivation, isn’t it? *smiles*

And so that I don’t show you again even the images here in the blog which you can see everywhere on my website, I decided to bring you along a few more private snapshots this time. And I could not resists to show you also the trailer to this new gallery here. :-)

I wish you a lot of fun with the sexily moves, let yourself be enchanted by the fluorescent morning sun, the playful highly imaginative atmosphere and of course by this HOT HOT HOT latex bikini!

*sweet kisses *

YES! Sexy latex camouflage bikini :-)


  1. Amber Shock
    Sep 3, 2015

    Omg!! Too much sexy!! I’ve been a fan for a good while now and I had to comment ☺ Your so damn cute, keep up the awesome work

  2. Ronny
    Sep 3, 2015

    Thanks for sharing your private thoughts with us – damn it, you made such a stunning army girl in your green bikini!

  3. Moto8
    Sep 4, 2015

    OMG! Sway, what a fanstastic video! Thansk for sharing!

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