10 facts of a latex model

10 facts of a latex model

Hello my lovelies,

I get A LOT of questions on my social media and email about my person. Now I have collected a few of them and did a nice Q&A. If you desire to watch it please feel free and visit my YouTube Channel. I hope you guys will enjoy this little entertainment. And if you a have a bit more time or when there is still some coffee in your mug you can watch my other videos as well. I uploaded a bunch of new videos on my channel during the last weeks. There is lovely Vlog about my exhibition at the Fetish Evolution, some fun backstage and behind the scenes clips. Of course you’ll also find some of my classical sexy latex trailer I always do for my member zone in Susan Wayland Club.

I wish you a lot of fun, I’m looking forward to your feedback and ideas. And if you like the videos please feel free to press this lovely like button and /or subscribe to my channel… I wont to hold it against you! ;-)

*sweet kisses*

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  1. H0jae
    Jun 1, 2017

    Great!. You are always my NO.1!

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